Ron Lane

Ron Lane, Mayor of Big Sandy

ron-laneMayor Lane was appointed Mayor in 2005 after the passing of Mayor Linos Waters.
He was elected in June 2005 and has been re-elected to two-year terms since that time.

Mayor Lane has been instrumental in obtaining four major grants totaling $2,150,000 for the Town since being in office. The first grant involved the replacement of the downtown water lines and drilling of a new well. The dollar amount was $642,000. The grant covered $500,000 of the project. This grant was through a Community Development Block Grant.

The second grant involved the flood disaster and straight-line winds of 2007, which allowed the town to extend the water lines to outside residents that lost water access during the disasters. This grant was $676,000.

The third grant also involves the 2008 disaster and focuses on the damage done to the sewer lagoon. This grant is for $474,000. The work on this grant is currently ongoing. The Town applied and was rewarded an ECWAG grant through USDA for $500,000. This grant will be for sewer rehab to the lines and to the lagoon. Much of the work on this grant has not begun.

Mayor Lane is a member of the Benton County Industrial Board and 3-star committee. He is a member of the First United Methodist Church in Big Sandy. Mayor Lane has worked his entire life broadcasting at WRJB/WFWL radio station in Camden and has been known as the “Voice of the Valley” for many years.