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Snow and Ice Collapses Fire Hall’s Roof

The snow and ice that fell Sunday night wrecked havoc on the Big Sandy Fire Hall. The roof collapsed in over the fire truck bays trapping four of the fire vehicles. The building is a total loss, but hopefully  some of the trucks can be salvaged. Volunteers went to work immediately removing equipment and arranging for the trucks to be removed. John Allen Construction was contacted to remove the roof and debris off the trucks. Once the trucks were uncovered they were moved to David McDaniel’s garage.  Emergency Management Services have been notified to provide additional fire protection to the Big Sandy residents. The Town of Big Sandy’s pumper truck #1 was one of the damaged trucks.  The extent of the damage has not been determined...

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Telemetry System Installed


Big Sandy Water System is making a change of how the water tanks and well pumps communicate. A new wireless telemetry system is being installed to allow the two water tanks to communicate with the well pumps and the pressure valve. This will be a big money saver for the town, cutting the expense of phone service that runs the system now. The new system is part of the CDBG Disaster Round 2 Grant. Wascon Sales and Service will do the installation.



image telemetry3



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