KY Lake Waterfowl Festival in Big Sandy Aug. 6th

The 12th Annual Kentucky Lake Waterfowl Festival returns to Big Sandy, TN City Park on Saturday, August 6th. Hosted by the Paris-Henry County Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, the event will have 50 exhibitors from six states on hand with displays ranging from new calls and motion decoys to boats, clothing, ammo, and more. The festivity will again be held in conjunction with the TWRA public drawings for duck blinds along Kentucky Lake wildlife management areas, which means a guaranteed crowd! For the last decade the event has averaged drawing 3,000-plus waterfowlers each day to the festival searching for everything from new duck and goose calls to the latest in camouflage clothing, retrievers, taxidermists, boats, motors, outfitters, new trucks, ATVs, decoys, and more.

“Waterfowlers can find some real deals at the event where most exhibitors offer discounted merchandise and closeouts on everything from videos to clothing,” said Steve McCadams, festival spokesman. “We invite outdoorsmen from all across the area to attend.” “This is a great place to talk one-on-one with veteran call makers and pick up tips while you search for that new duck or goose call. And, sharing ideas with fellow waterfowlers while scouting new products sets the mood for upcoming seasons,” continued McCadams, a 30-year member of the local Ducks Unlimited chapter.

It’s a unique event for exhibitors to display their goods and services in front of their specific market at a very low cost. Our booth space price is very reasonable! Only $100 for uncovered spaces and $125 for covered. This is a selling show.

Many exhibitors have been with us since the start and feel their booth has generated great exposure, not to mention follow-up sales from the Festival visitors. ALL proceeds benefit the ducks and geese as the entire event is run by volunteers donating their time and efforts.

Admission is FREE. The festival hours will be from 7 AM until 3 PM. Exhibitors may set up on Friday afternoon between 2-6 PM.

For additional information email Steve McCadams. Or, you may call 731-642-0360.

The Paris Chapter of Ducks Unlimited hosts the Kentucky Lake Waterfowl Festival. Other beneficiaries are Big Sandy Chamber of Commerce, Little League, and Fire Department. Admission is free to the public and all funds, after festival expenses, go to Ducks Unlimited. We expect well over 3,000 waterfowlers in attendance! This will be a good opportunity to put your products, talents or services in front of a large number of sportsmen at a minimal cost to you. We hope to hear from you. Do you know someone who might wish to attend the Kentucky Lake Waterfowl Festival and set up a booth? If so, drop us a call or email.