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Big Sandy Waterworks

The Town of Big Sandy’s water system was originally developed in 1954 and included the construction of two wells (rated at 60 gpm), a 100 gallon per minute water treatment plant, a 100,000 gallon elevated water storage tank and a network of approximately 45,000 linear feet of 4 inch through 1¼ inch diameter cast iron and galvanized distribution lines to serve the Central Business District and the immediate surrounding residential area.

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, Big Sandy struggled financially, but made a concerted effort to repair and maintain the distribution system to the extent possible. However, by 1986, the Town had suffered through dramatic water losses and mounting maintenance issues to a point of diminishing returns, and sought assistance through the CDBG program to rehabilitate its distribution system. The improvements consisted of the replacement of a portion of the older lines with larger PVC pipe and construction of a new 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank to replace the significantly deteriorated existing 100,000 gallon tank. The effect of the improvements was immediate in that both flow and pressure were substantially increased throughout the targeted service area.

In 2003, the Town undertook major distribution system improvements (funded through RDA and CDBG) by extending water lines along Bain Road, Pencil Factory Road, and Point Mason Road to a previously unserved area..

water-towerAdditionally, a new 100,000 gallon elevated water storage tank was built in the southeastern part of the system to provide supplemental storage, enhanced fire protection and improved hydraulics to the southern portion of the distribution network. Additional improvements included the construction of a new clearwell at the water treatment plant, built to work in conjunction with the newly rehabilitated old clearwell. Additional water treatment plant improvements included new high service pumps (installed in order to supply the new water storage tank) and new system control features.

In 2008, the Town undertook another major phase in their distribution system rehabilitation (funded through CDBG) by installing approximately 10,000 linear feet of 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch water lines to replace deteriorating water lines throughout the central portion of the system that were contributing to increasing water loss and decreased service pressure. All associated service meters and service lines were replaced, as well as all corresponding valves and hydrants. The Town addressed the need for an additional raw water source by developing and installing a new well at the water treatment plant site. A generator was installed to insure the plant can maintain during times of power outages and natural disasters.

In 2007, we competed in the Best Tasting Water contest hosted by Tennessee Association of Utility Districts and placed for the western division and tied for first in State

The Big Sandy Waterworks is continuing to improve the system to provide safe drinking water to our customers. Our future plans involve a telemetry system that will provide better communication between the high service pumps and the water tanks.

We currently have 467 water customers. We have two employees certified in Grade 2 Distribution and one employee certified in Grade 2 Water Treatment.