Big Sandy City Board Meets

The Big Sandy city Board met for the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday January19. The Board approved on second reading an ordinance amending deposits required to obtain water service and a policy regarding delinquent water bills. The Board determined determined that there is a greater delinquency rate from customers renting, leasing or otherwise occupying property owned by some third-party entity than the lower delinquency rate related to owner-occupied properties.The new ordinance states that the water service deposit for commercial customers and customers occupying property as renters or lessees shall be two hundred dollars.

The water service deposit for customers who are owner-occupants of their property will be one hundred dollars. In addition , any customer, whose water service had been disconnected for failing to pay the water bill, will not be provided water service at any other location until the past due amount has been pain in full. The City also reserves the right to apply the water deposit of any customer to the payment of any and all past amounts for which the customer received water service.

This change in policy will go into effect with the third and final reading at the February Board meeting on February 16.